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"Anyone can make you tired...not everyone can make you better"


     At Dynamic Sports Performance we train our young athletes to become the best all-around athletes they possibly can become.  We don’t simply focus on speed, jumping or weights.  We do include all of those things in our program, but our goal is to create the best athlete on the field, court, or ice.  We want them to move well, be fast, be strong and stay healthy.

We focus on improving the speed and agility of all of our athletes and make sure that they are learning and using proper form at all times. This ensures that not only are they improving their athleticism but they are also preventing potential injuries. Not a single one of the athletes who train at Dynamic Sports Performance has ever endured any non-contact related injuries. This is because our athletes are trained to know their bodies and are prepared so that they never have to miss time on the court, field, or ice because of injuries caused by improper technique and movement inefficiency. 

Our motto here is “Anyone can make you tired… Not everyone can make you better” and at Dynamic Sports Performance we guarantee to make you better!!

What We Do

strength and conditioning

DSP Warehouse

Sport Performance training for youth ages 6-18 years old. We are the ONLY facility in the Charlotte-area with youth certified trainers. 

Total Athlete Challenge™ Course

A new, thrilling sporting event in which every participant enters a high-energy competition to see who can claim they are the total athlete.

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